Lives and works Tasmania

Selected Qualifications

2003–2007 Doctor of Visual Arts, Queensland College of Art (Received Griffith University Award for Academic Excellence at PhD level)
1989–1992 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Queensland
1985–1989 Master of Educational Studies, University of Queensland
1982–1985 Bachelor of Education, Queensland University of Technology

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2020-21 Birds Returning: New Images of North Tasmania, Colville. Gallery
2019 Colville Gallery, Hobart – Opens 18 January
2018 Sydney Contemporary Art Fair (James Makin Gallery)13 – 16 September 2018
Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville – Richard Dunlop: A Northern Survey 20 July – 9 September 2018
2017 James Makin Gallery, Melbourne – Made on Location, 20 September – 6 October
Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Crossing the Rubicon River, 26 April – 20 May
2016 Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide – The Arab Spring and other Natural History Notes
2015 Jan Murphy Gallery, July Pop-Up Exhibition, Sydney – Shunga: Pictures of Spring
2014 James Makin Gallery, Melbourne – Sublime East: Neo-Romantic Landscapes
Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Sublime East: Neo-Romantic Landscapes
2012 James Makin Gallery, Melbourne – Memorial Park: New Paintings of Nostalgic Subjects
Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Classical Arrangements
2011 Greenhill Galleries, Perth – Old Growth
Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide – Delicatessen
James Makin Gallery, Melbourne – Still Life, Still Death: ANZAC Memorials and Other New Paintings
2010 Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Larger Than Life
2009 Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide – Green Shoots of Recovery
James Makin Gallery, Melbourne – Less is Morte
Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney – Age of Exploration
2008 Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Maps, Natural History and Quite Ambitious Plans
Retrospective Survey Exhibition, Perc Tucker Regional Art Gallery, Townsville – Second Nature
2007 Queensland College of Art, Griffith University – 100% Organic
Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney – 100% Organic
Delgany (National Trust), Portsea, Victoria – Richard Dunlop: Recent Paintings
2006 Tim Olsen Gallery, Sydney – To Sow, to Reap
Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – The First Cut is the Deepest: The Tattoo Paintings
2005 Retrospective Survey Exhibition, Rockhampton Regional Art Gallery – Second Nature
Retrospective Survey Exhibition, Redland Regional Art Gallery – A Study in Genius
Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Signs of Still Life
Despard Gallery, Hobart – News of the World
2004 Michael Reid Art Dealer, Sydney – Richard Dunlop: Recent Works
2003 Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane – Pollen
Retrospective Survey Exhibition, Mackay Regional Art Gallery – Richard Dunlop: Botanica
Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney – Tattoo: Paintings from the Late 80’s to Now
Open Studio Exhibition, Brisbane (Preview for Sydney Exhibition) – Tattoo: Paintings from the late 80’s to Now (Preview for Sydney)
2001 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney – Still Life
Retrospective Survey Exhibition, Brisbane City Art Gallery – The Chosen Ones
2000 Brisbane City Residency Exhibition, Randall Studio, Represented by Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney – Richard Dunlop: Still Lifes and New Paintings from Switzerland
1999 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney – Hinterland
Open Studio Exhibition, Zurcherstrasse, Zurich – Recent Paintings of Switzerland
1998 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney – Second Nature
1997 Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney – Night Garden: Selective Cuttings

Selected Awards/Prizes

2021 Glover Prize Finalist
2020 Finalist, Glover Prize, Tasmania
2018 Finalist, Glover Prize, Tasmania
Finalist, Bruny Island Prize, Tasmania
2016 Finalist, Waterhouse Prize, South Australia Museum
2015 Finalist, Tattersall’s Invitational National landscape Prize
2014 Finalist, Tattersall’s Art Prize, Tattersall’s Club, Brisbane
Winner, Paintings Category, Waterhouse Art Prize, South Australia Museum (Tour to National Archives, Canberra)
Finalist, Blake Prize, University of New South Wales, Dec 2014 – Jan 2015
2013 Finalist, Willoughby National Sculpture Award, New South Wales
Finalist, Fleurieu Art Prize, World’s Richest Landscape Prize, South Australia
Judge, National Painting Prize, Waterhouse Natural History Prize, Museum of South Australia
Semi-Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize
2012 Finalist, Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (National Tour of Regional Galleries)
Winner, Painting Category, Waterhouse Prize, South Australia Museum (Tour to National Archives, Canberra)
2010 Finalist, Fleurieu Art Prize (Food and Wine), South Australia
Finalist, Tattersall’s Landscape Prize, Brisbane
Finalist, Albany Art Prize, WA
2009 Finalist, Glover Prize, Tasmania
Finalist, Waterhouse Prize, South Australia
Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra Regional Art Gallery
Finalist, Tattersall’s Landscape Prize, Brisbane
2008 Finalist, Archibald Prize, Art Gallery of NSW (National Tour including Bendigo Art Gallery, Goulburn Regional Art Gallery, Bathurst Regional Art Gallery, Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery, Port Macquarie Hastings Regional Art Gallery, Lismore Regional Art Gallery.)
Finalist, Stanthorpe National Art Prize, QLD
Finalist, John Leslie Art Prize, Gippsland Regional Art Gallery, VIC
Finalist, Blake Prize, NSW
Finalist, Fleurieu Art Prize, South Australia (Vistas; Food and Wine)
2007 Griffith University Award for Excellence at PhD level (Doctor of Visual Art)
Finalist, Glover Prize, Tasmania
Finalist, Waterhouse Prize, South Australia
Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize
Finalist, Tattersall’s Prize
2006 Finalist, Blake Prize (National Tour including University of New South Wales, Delmar Trinity Gallery, Port Macquarie Gallery, Grafton Regional Gallery and Toowoomba Regional Gallery)
Finalist, Jacaranda Drawing Prize (National Tour including Port Macquarie Hastings Regional
Gallery, Tamworth City Gallery, University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery, Redcliffe Art Gallery, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery, Redland Art Gallery)
Finalist, Glover Prize, Hobart
Finalist, Alice Prize, Alice Springs
Finalist, Sunshine Coast Art Prize, Caloundra regional Art Gallery
Finalist, Tattersall’s Art Prize
Finalist, Theiss Art Prize, Griffith University
2005 Arts Queensland Major Grant
Salon De Refuses, S.H. Erwin Gallery (National Trust), NSW
2000 Residency, Randall Studio
1995 Keizai Koho Fellowship, Tokyo, Kyoto, Hiroshima

Selected Group Exhibitions

2021 Glover Prize Finalist
2020 Finalist, Glover Prize, Tasmania
2018 Finalist, Glover Prize, Tasmania
2018 Works on Paper, Despard Gallery, Hobart, 3-29 April
Glover Prize 2018
The Village People, Brisbane series (in the QUT Collection) exhibited at QUT ‘Portray and Play’ 6 Jan – 4 Feb 2018; Gympie Art Gallery Feb 28-April 21 2018 (Curator: Kevin Wilson)
Long Hot Summer, Despard Gallery, Hobart Dec 2017 – Jan 2018
Annual Artists Show, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2016 Queensland Indie, Michael Fox Melbourne Art Space May, 2016
Art from the Heart, hosted by Toowoomba Regional Gallery (Richard Dunlop, Danie Mellor, Ben Quilty and others) 5 January to 14 February, 2016
2015 Officework, Parliament House, Canberra (A Project of the Institute of Modern Art), March
Body Parts, James Makin Gallery (a special project with Alyra Bartasek), April 9-25
‘A Permanent Mark: The Impact of Tattoo Culture on Contemporary Art’ (Richard Dunlop, Ex DeMedici, Ah Xian and others) Curated by Eric Nash, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery (May- July 2015, and touring various public institutions throughout 2016-17) (Cover, Preview)
Right Here, Right Now: Contemporary Art from the Collection Rockhampton Regional Gallery 12 December 2015 – 20 March 2016 (Richard Dunlop, Del Kathryn Barton, Ben Quilty and others)
2014 From the Studio, Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide
New Stock, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
Gallery Artists, Jan Murphy Gallery, Melbourne
Holiday Hang, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane
Summer, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2013 Works on Paper, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane
Winter Selection, Scott Livesey Galleries, Melbourne
Gallery Artists, Hill-Smith Gallery, Adelaide
2012 Multiplicities, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane
New Acquisitions, Central University of Queensland
Spring, Greenhill Galleries, Perth
Melbourne Art Fair, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
2011 Korean International Art Fair, Seoul, James Makin Gallery
Straddie, Jan Murphy Gallery
Members’ Selection, Australia Club, Melbourne
2010 Melbourne Art Fair, James Makin Gallery
2009 Grand Opening, James Makin Gallery, Melbourne
Works on Paper, Jan Murphy Gallery, Brisbane
Richard Dunlop: Three Major Works, Royal Adelaide Golf Club
2008 Accounting for the Collector, Redcliffe City Gallery; Logan Regional Gallery
Key Works, Milford Gallery (with WD Hammond, Ralph Hotere)
Recent Acquisitions, Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery
Recent Acquisitions, Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville
Richard Dunlop: Recent Works, Michael Reid Art Dealer, Murrirundi
2007 Richard Dunlop: Recent Works, Committee for the Economic Development of Australia Boardroom, Melbourne
New Artists, Chapman Gallery, Canberra (with Cherry Hood)
Postcards, Grafton Regional Art Gallery
2005 New Acquisitions, Queensland University of Technology
The Insectary, Redland Regional Art Gallery (with Joachim Froeze and Bill Yaxley)
Invitational Survey Exhibition, Redcliffe Regional Art Gallery
Recent Acquisitions, Rockhampton Regional Art Gallery
2000 Australian Landscape, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney (with John Olsen, William Robinson and Joe Furlonger)
Thinking Aloud, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney (with William Robinson, Davida Allen and Lucy Culliton)
1999 30 Year Celebration, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney (with Keith Looby, William Robinson, and Gareth Samson) 1997
Figures from Life, Ray Hughes Gallery, Sydney (with Joe Furlonger and Del Kathryn Barton)

Selected Institutional and Notable Other Collections

111 Eagle Street, Brisbane
Anna Goldsworthy, Recital Pianist
Adam Gilchrist, Australian Cricketer
Brisbane City Gallery
Buon Ricordo
Committee for the Economic Development of Australia, Melbourne
Finucan Family
Forte Lawyers, Melbourne
Gladstone Art Gallery
Gold Coast City Art Gallery
Grafton Regional Art Gallery
Greg and Marissa Mann (Dig-It)
Griffith University, Brisbane
Guest Lawyers, Brisbane
Hayward Trust, Church of England Grammar School, Brisbane
Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum
Hugo Weaving, Hollywood Actor
Keizai Koho Centre, Japan Institute for Social and Economic Development, Tokyo
King of Tonga, George Tupou V
Kelly Chambers
Macquarie Bank
Michael Fox Arts Accountant and Valuer, Melbourne
Museum of Brisbane
Museum of Contemporary Art, Brisbane (James Baker)
Museum of Modern Art, Shiga
Naomi Watts, Hollywood Actor
National Library of Australia
Perc Tucker Regional Gallery, Townsville
Queensland Potters’ Association
Queensland University of Technology
Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, WA
Ray Hughes, Sydney
Ray White Real Estate Corporate Collection
Rockhampton Art Gallery
Simul International Inc, Tokyo
Stanthorpe Regional Art Gallery
The Liturgical Commission, Brisbane
University of Central Queensland
University of Southern Queensland
University of New South Wales
University of Tasmania
Wesley Hospital Collection
Zurich Insurance, Zurich


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