‘Kylie Elkington’s work dives into a mythology of dew-drenched flora and vegetable constellations. This is art that goes in close, almost forensically so, but it also functions in a slow, delicate manner that gives a rich emotional content that leans the work into a more poetic realm. Elkington’s work does have a feel of referencing much older traditions in painting – there’s hints of impressionism to be found but one could also find fragments of, and gestures to, much older traditions of image creation and indeed, the making of mythology. Elkington’s fascination with making large that which appears to be so very small implies a greater world of complex beauty we are only seeing hints of. Among these botanic constellations there are the beginnings of worlds and lives, caught in a swirling maelstrom of rich emerald greens that modulate into even danker, crepuscular depths, illuminated by pinks and yellows. Elkington’s work glows and glitters, often seeping beyond the edges.’
Andrew Harper - The Mercury 3/12/2022

Kylie Elkington: Native Engagement by Briony Downes

Art Guide 2018 - Kylie Elkington