born 1949 Poland
arrived Tasmania 1992
lives and works Hobart
Jerzy Michalski
Colville Gallery
23November – 13 December

The new paintings of Jerzy Michalski, as aesthetically absorbing, hypnotically detailed and rich with breathtaking colour tones as they are, are an exercise in social commentary. Threaded through these artworks is an incredulous and urgent critique of digital culture and social media – as reflected in the exhibition title, Facades.
“it’s not only about buildings,” says Michalski, whose paintings feature architecture and structures of various kinds. “It’s also about the facades of our life: what we are showing, and how we project to the world in this age of showing off through social media. I’m trying to paint this problem, because people are forgetting about reality: poverty, inequality, democracy, all this stuff happening now.”
Michalski’s unique style has been greatly influenced by regular trips to Japan. Enthralled by the country’s art, design and society, Michalski, who grew up in Poland and came to Australia in 1992, says his new works are a “visit to Japan by painting” as he has been unable to travel due to Covid-19.
“In Japan, art is about mixing reality with abstract thinking,” he says. “They have a special perspective. Colour in japan is incredible. I like cities, and Japanese cities are absolutely stunning, especially Tokyo. All the architecture is a big influence on my work.” When you consider that Michalski works out of a rural studio in bushland an hour from Hobart, this affection for cities might seem surprising – as might his engagement with social media and the Maelstrom of life online. “This way you can have a distance, and reflect on it more,” he says of his removal from the world when he works. In essence, escaping from civilisation has allowed him special insight into it, as the works in Facades show. - Barnaby Smith, ArtGuide Australia, Issue 134 November/December 2021, pg. 61

Artist In Residence Article

For those questioning the relevance of most genres of art to life, it can be said that it transcends the boundaries of language, national culture, religion and politics.  It speaks to us without the need for words, while offering space within which we can experience our own mental and emotional reactions to the images, forms, movements or notes, without the load of academic explanations.

Jerzy, born and educated (At Poznan University of Arts, where he later became an Associate Professor) in Poland, he is now resident in Murdunna on the Forrestier Peninsula, and is a masterful exponent of the above tenet.
He says, “It is not enough to simply copy what is in front of you, you need to have some reason or drive to paint.”  I would add that there is, in most artists a need to create, often germinated at a young age by their environment.   Michael Denholm, in his book ‘Vineyard of Art’, would agree, and I quote: “Brought up as a Catholic, from an early age Michalski was involved in art as he was a compulsive drawer and wanted to be an artist.  Around the age of seven he hand-tinted black and white portrait photographs (Jerzy’s father was a photographer) and also made his own tempera using egg white and whatever “pigments” he could find, such as soot from the chimney for black, brick dust for a sienna effect and so on.”

Jerzy says: “My style includes magical realism, where you use reality to make your own reality; like constructing a ‘personal movie’.  His images are often ‘snap shots’ of moments in the subject’s lives, where they can be seen to be presented with choices of action.
He came to Tasmania via Melbourne in 1992, after separating from his wife.  “It changed my life completely”.  He was part owner of the Swing Bridge Gallery in Dunalley until the Port Arthur shootings killed the passing trade.

Australia, France, Belgium, Germany and Poland have enjoyed some of his fifty plus solo exhibitions, and he has been presented in Canberra, Brisbane, and Sydney and at the time of writing is showing at Colville Gallery, Salamanca.


Education And Travel

1992 Offered Australian Residency As A Distinguished
Painter Lives And Works In Tasmania
1991 Associated Professor In Fine Arts (Painting)
1985 Phd Fine Arts (Painting)
1977 Graduates At The Faculty Of Painting, Graphic Art
And Sculpture (Dist.) At Academy Of Fine Art,
Poznan, Poland.
Master Degree In Fine Arts-Painting And Graphic Art,
Teaching Position (Drawing) At The Academy

Solo Exhibitions

2021 FacadesColville Gallery, Hobart
2018 SubtopiaColville Gallery, Hobart
2018 The Maze,Colville Gallery, Hobart
2017 The Silent City, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2016 New Works, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2015 Interiors, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2014 Silent City, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2013 The Studio, Colville Gallery, Hobart
2012 New Works Colville Gallery, Hobart
Realistic Paintings Soho Galleries, Sydney
2011 Colours Colville Gallery, Hobart
The Fragments Artifakt Gallery, Deloraine
2010 Entry Soho Gallery, Sydney
Recent Paintings, Chapman Gallery, Canberra.
2009 Past Glory The Salamanca Collection Gallery,
Empty Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2008 Check Point Chapman Gallery , Canberra
2007 Realist Paintings Soho Galleries, Sydney
Cities Delshan Gallery, Melbourne
2006 Windows The Salamanca Collection Gallery,Hobart
Past Recalled Chapman Gallery , Canberra
2005 Studies And Sketches The Salamanca Collection
Gallery, Hobart
Return Maria Perides Gallery , Brisbane
Soho Galleries, Sydney
2004 Light The Salamanca Collection Gallery, Hobart
Journey Maria Perides Gallery , Brisbane
2003 Metropolis Chapman Gallery , Canberra
Soho Galleries, Sydney
2001 Passage Chapman Gallery, Canberra
2000 Heat Soho Galleries, Sydney
Shine Despard Gallery Hobart
1999 Blue Street Chapman Gallery, Canberra
Maze Michel Sourgnes Fine Arts, Brisbane
1998 The City Despard Gallery, Hobart
1997 Places Chapman Gallery, Canberra,
Michel Sourgnes Fine Arts, Brisbane
1996 Dreamer Gallery Two, Launceston
1995 Nostalgia Chapman Gallery , Canberra
The Web Of Magic Solander Gallery , Canberra
1994 Private Movie Galerie D’art Kaya , Bruxelles,
1993 Sal On Des Arts Gallery In Novotel Baysi De, Melbourne
Private Movie Part Ii And Iii Swing Bridge Ar tGallery Dunalley, Tasmania
1992 Quarter To Four Swing Bridge Art Gallery ,
1991 Raumbilder Ehemaligen Synagogue, Hemsbach,
Interiors Gallerie D’art Kaya , Bruxelles, Belgium
Des Paysages Francais Gallerie Les Ateliers, Paris,
Bwa Arsenal Gallery Poznan, Poland
1989 Wattletree Gallery, Melbourne
1987 Bwa Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, Poland
1980 Nova Gallery, Poznan, Poland
1979 Museum Of Gorzow, Poland

Selected Group Exhibitions

2018 Annual Artists Show Coville Gallery, Hobart
2017 Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Highly Commended
Annual Artists Show Coville Gallery, Hobart
2015 Annual Artists Show, Coville Gallery, Hobart
2014 All The Best, Soho Galleries, Sydney
Annual Artists Show, Coville Gallery, Hobart
2013 8th Annual Artists Show, Colville Gallery Hobart
3 Aspects of Realism Soho Galleries, Sydney
unreal Men Art Images Gallery, Adelaide
2012 Winner
Alan Gamble Memorial Art Prize
Mossman Art Prize, Sydney
2011 6th Annual Artists Show Colville Gallery, Hobart
Letherbridge 10 000 Small scale Art Award. Letherbridge Gallery Brisbane
Hutchins Art Prize, Hobart
2010 5th Annual Gallery Artists Exhibition, Colville Gallery, Hobart.
2009 Summer Eclectic Exhibition The Salamanca
Collection, Hobart
Cigar Boxes Artefacts Gallery, Deloraine
2008 10 Years Of Artifact Gallery Deloraine, Tasmania
Summer Eclectic Exhibition The Salamanca
Collection, Hobart
Winter Eclectic Exhibition Music The Salamanca
Collection, Hobart
2007 Art Sydney Sydney’s Premier Art Fair,
Tasmanian Craft Fair Exhibition Artifact Gallery,
Deloraine, Tasmania
2006 The Winnowing Of The Grain - Red Wall Gallery,
The 10th Festival Of Polish Visual And Performing Arts
Abode Exhibition Bond Store At The Tasmanien
Museum And Art Gallery, Hobart
2005 Artifact In November Artifact Gallery, Deloraine
2004 The 9th Festival Of Polish Visual And Performing Arts,
Parliament House - Sydney, Argyle Stores Gallery -
2003 Tasmania Craft Fair Deloraine Tasmania, The Fringe
, Artifact Gallery, Deloraine
Island Art Prize, Stanley - Tasmania
Urban Realism Soho Galleries, Sydney
2002 Artsingapore The Contemporary Asian Art Fair, With Soho Galleries - Sydney
Australian Contemporary Art In Singapore, Australian
High Commission Acaf 
Melbourne Art Fair, With Despard Gallery -Hobart
We Are Australian Touring Exhibition, Switchback Gallery
Monash University, The Immigration Museum - Melbourne
Gordon Gallery, Gordon Institute Of Tafe, Geelong
2000 Melbourne, With Despard Gallery -Hobart
We Are Australian TouringExhibition, Volvo Gallery Sydney, Adelaide Festival Centre, Canberra
Museum, Hamilton Art Gallery, The George Adams Gallery, Victorian Arts Centre Melbourne
1998 Sixth Australian Contemporary Art Fair Melbourne
Festival Of Polish Visual Arts, National Gallery Of Victoria -Melbourne
1996 Homage To Masaccio University Of Tasmania, - Hobart
Daniel Chodowiecki Stiftung, Drawing Prize, Kunst Academie, Berlin, Germany
Fifth Australian Art Fair, WithGallery Two – Launceston,Melbourne
1992 Chair Indulgence Salon Des Arts And Craft, Melbourne
1986 Polish Contemporary Painting Festival, Szczecin, Zamek, Poland
1985 Metaphor In Polish Painting Museum And Art Gallery, Koszalin Poland
1984 New Realism In Polish Art Schwedt Kunsthalle - Germany
1983 Young Artists From Poznan Museum Of Plovdiv, Bulgaria
1981 Fantasy And Metaphor Touring Exhibition, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria
1980 Bwa Arsenal, City Gallery, Poznan, -Poland
1978 International Triennal Of Drawings,Wroclaw, Poland
Young Figuration From Poznan ToVienna, Vienna, Austria

Awards And Scholarships

2017 Lloyd Rees Art Prize, Finalist
2012 Winner
Alan Gamble Memorial Art Prize
Mossman Art Prize, Sydney
2003 Highly Commended, Island Art Prize, Stanley, Tasmania
1996 Highly Commended, Circular Head Arts Festival,
1994 Highly Commended, Trust Bank Tasmania Art Award
1985 Fellowship, Polish Council For The Arts
1980 Award, Spychalski Prize Exhibition, Poznan, Poland
1979 Fellowship, Polish Council For The Arts
1978 Award, Wroniecki Prize Exhibition, Poznan, Poland
Prints /- Award, Wroniecki Prize Exhibition, Poznan,
Poland / Drawing
Award, Attitudes Krakow Prize Exhibition, Poland
1977 Scholarship – Polish Council For The Arts


1996 Udo Ditter Gmhb & Co, Germany
1995 Aust-Netherlands Chamber Of Commerce, Tasmania
1994 Executive Relocation South-East Asia, Melbourne
Celebrate Tasmania Committee
1993 Tasmanian Of The Year Committee
1989 Endo Japan, Melbourne Office
1988 Blackburn & Lockwood, Melbourne
1982 Museum Of Polish Army Portrait Of Gen.Kutrzeba,
September 1939 Pictures


1988-91 Frescos Reconstruction In Baroque
Church, Boleslawow Poland
1986-87 Sculptures In The Baroque Church,
Boleslawow Poland
1985 Presbytery Of The Baroque Church,
Gieraltow Poland
1982-84 Interiors. Frescos, Sculptures And
Pictures Of Baroque Church And
Cloister, Hory Niec Poland

Selected Publications

Grazyna Banaszkiewicz ‘Enfilade to Nike’ Artistic Party – Ploish Site
Grazyna Banaszkiewicz ‘Lamus’ Polish Art Magazine 2/12 December 2013
''Art Interview'' Online Magazine ''Realist Paintings- by Robert Kennedy -October 2007.
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Gale – June 2005



Anu Collection Canberra;
Parliament House Collection Canberra;
The Tamar Collection Launceston;
Rolf Ditter Collection Haslach, Germany;
Academy Of Fine Arts Poznan, Poland;
Department For Education And The Arts, Warsaw, Poland;
National Museum And Art Gallery , Gdansk, Poland;
Silesia Museum And Art Gallery , Katowice, Poland;
Museum And Art Gallery , Koszalin, Poland;
Museum And Art Gallery Radom, Poland;
National Museum, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;
City Art Gallery Poznan, Poland;
City Art Gallery, Leszno, Poland;
City Gallery, Konin, Poland;
City Art Gallery, Bielsko Biala, Poland

Private Collections in USA, Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland, Austria, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, China, Poland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Argentina, Bolivia, Sweden