‘Collected Silences’
Works in porcelain.

This exhibition of ceramic objects is an exploration of form, each piece gently blurs the boundaries between sculptural form and functional object as it presents a sense of curve and balance enclosing space, time, memory and emotion.
My collections of objects are intended to create a space for contemplation and a sense of tranquillity where silence, stillness and restraint abide alongside a notion of simplicity and humility.
Works in Porcelain
‘Collected Silences’ 2019
Hand built, hand made, one off pieces
Carbonised porcelain
Artifacts for a human future
16 pieces
approx. dimensions 50 x 70 mm individual
high fired porcelain 1300. glazed interiors, unglazed polished exteriors
$5,000 (set of 16)
$650 (individual)