Darkness of Day
122 x 184cm
People’s Choice Winner, R.M McGivern Prize
People’s Choice Winner 2012 John Leslie Art Prize
Not In This Place
102 x 198cm
finalist Whyalla prize
The Bridge of Shadows
122 x 305cm
The Night I Saw the Sun
152 x 102cm
Finalist Anzac Prize
The Place of Secrets
122 x 184cm
The Question Arises
102 x 152cm
The Whispers of Night
102 x 198cm
Finalist Geelong Contemporary Art Prize
The Approaching Silence
102 x 152cm
Finalist Mandorla Prize
Beyond Reach
152 x 184cm
Finalist Waterhouse Prize
I Knew It Was Here
84 x 122cm
Everything The Same, Everything Distinct
84 x 122cm